Get ready

Your Extreme Way of the Cross

Can you choose your own EDK? Of course, you can!

Extreme Way of the Cross is a proposal of a form of spirituality.

It is neither a pilgrimage nor an event that is held once a year!


Before you set off

It is necessary to:

  • prepare supplies for the route (food, drink, thermos with hot tea, water, high energy food: chocolate, candy bars, halvah); it is best to pack all these things in one backpack;
  • wear warm clothes, comfortable and water-proof walking shoes (the route can be muddy and slippery), water-proof clothing appropriate to temperature changes and unfavourable weather conditions;
  • take: a mobile phone (charge it before setting off), a torch (preferably a headlamp), basic medical dressing, reflective bands (preferably a reflective vest);
  • check the local weather forecast;
  • inform your family of your plan to walk EDK;
  • assure your return in case you decide not to continue your route; remember that EDK includes your taking risk and agreeing to face unforeseen events;
  • think over your return after EDK;
  • look again at your route carefully.

It is worth taking:

  • a wooden cross,
  • a walking stick (e.g. Nordic walking stick),
  • GPS; files with routes can be downloaded from the website,
  • a map of the territory of your EDK.
  • Remember that the heavier your backpack the bigger your burden and fatigue.

You can walk EDK any time!

  • Choose your route
  • Download the meditations
  • Go!

Do you know any interesting route that can be taken during EDK?

Do you want to share your experiences?

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Before you decide to walk

  • Read the information about EDK and consider if you want to take the challenge. Look at FAQ.
  • Extreme Way of the Cross embraces walking at night, meditating selected texts and struggling with your weaknesses.
  • It is of an individual character: while walking your route and facing unforeseen events you can count only on yourself.
  • Your participation is a voluntary religious practice. You are entirely responsible for your decision.
  • Look at the routes and evaluate which one you can walk. Descriptions of the routes can be found here.
  • Your decision involves full responsibility for everything related to this event.

Before you set off

  • While walking
  • It is obligatory to keep the Rule of Silence from the first station of the cross. Respect the right of other participants to profound experiences of the Mystery of the Way of the Cross through their encounters with God in silence and concentration, the exception being reading loudly the meditations and prayers at every station.
  • Legally speaking, your EDK is long distance walking.
  • Do not plan too long stops.
  • Watch out when walking along the side of the road. Observe traffic signs. Walking in small groups, less than 10 people, is permitted.
  • While meditating at the stations and making stops en route, ensure that you do not occupy too much space so that other participants have enough room for meditation and short prayer.
  • The route can be muddy and slippery.

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