Formation and growth

Way of Forgiveness. From being wounded to being healed.

Formation is work on self-growth. Development to be in shape.

How to pray?

You should plan 15-30 minutes for yourself in silence and solitude every day. If everyone is home, you can invite them to meditate with you.

You should start with the video and then meditate the text. When meditating, it is important to:

  • 1

    Seek inspiring content

    They sometimes show a different point of view and may be irritating. This is intentional. God says: For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, declares the Lord /Isaiah 55:8/.

  • 2

    See and understand more

    It is important to know and understand more after mediation than before it.

  • 3

    Work with a notebook

    You can use a notebook in your meditation to write down insightful thoughts or sentences. This helps you get to the next stage…

  • 4

    Find references

    When you have the key content, you need to start looking for how it refers to your own life.

  • 5

    Consider areas of your own life

    You can use the notebook to write down the areas in your life, where you see references. These can be specific relations, events, or situations.

  • 6

    Go into yourself

    When we have inspiration and related areas, we need to seek ways to improve. This means respect and implementation of the discovered rules.

  • 7

    Make strong decisions

    Successful meditation involves clear and concrete decisions, which will help you improve.

  • 8

    Feel silence

    Your meditation should start and end in silence filled with awareness of the presence of God.

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EDK 2020 - Droga Przebaczenia

EDK 2020 - Droga Przebaczenia

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EDK 2020 - Stacja II: Jezus bierze krzyż na swoje ramiona

EDK 2020 - Stacja III: Jezus upada pod krzyżem po raz pierwszy

EDK 2020 - Stacja IV: Jezus spotyka swoją matkę

EDK 2020 - Stacja V: Szymon Cyrenejczyk pomaga nieść krzyż Jezusowi

EDK 2020 - Stacja VI: Weronika ociera twarz Pana Jezusa

EDK 2020 - Stacja VII: Jezus upada pod krzyżem po raz drugi

EDK 2020 - Stacja VIII: Jezus pociesza płaczące niewiasty

EDK 2020 - Stacja IX: Jezus upada pod krzyżem po raz trzeci

EDK 2020 - Stacja X: Jezus z szat obnażony

EDK 2020 - Stacja XI: Jezus przybity do krzyża

EDK 2020 - Stacja XI: Jezus przybity do krzyża

EDK 2020 - Stacja XII: Jezus umiera na krzyżu

EDK 2020 - Stacja XIII: Jezus zdjęty z krzyża

EDK 2020 - Stacja XIV: Jezus złożony do grobu

EDK 2020 - Droga Przebaczenia/Podsumowanie