Extreme Way of the Cross routes.

The Extreme Way of the Cross has numerous unique routes. You can choose one of them by first picking your starting point and then the route you want to take. You should read the route description and learn about the elevations in order to adjust the difficulty to your ability.

Choose your route

How are the routes created?

First come the enthusiasts, who want to plan out a new route in their regions. The route should run through colourful areas and interesting historic trails. Locations favourable to contemplation in silence and far from the noise of the streets. The route should comply with the standards of the Extreme Way of the Cross.

In the next stage, the enthusiasts must conquer the route themselves to see if it can be done. The stations of the cross should be located at roadside chapels, churches, and places suitable for contemplation.

The Extreme Way of the Cross routes must fulfil specific criteria. If possible, they should not run through cities, busy areas, or asphalt roads. They should rather run in the peace of nature.

This is how the GPS marker and route description are prepared.

The route is verified at night. Please keep in mind that you cannot see as well at night and the description must match a hike at night. The route descriptions will be verified in various conditions.

The final step is to approve the route, which is done after proper planning of the route and verification of its description.

Plan your Extreme Way of the Cross route.

If you are full of enthusiasm, like hiking in unfamiliar areas, and appreciate the beauty of the landscape, you are the right person to plan out an Extreme Way of the Cross route. Join other people with a passion for route planning and see what you need to do in order to plan a new route.

The Extreme Way of the Cross continues to grow

It needs your help. If you believe that this is an important and beneficial project, make a contribution. If the Extreme Way of the Cross has helped you change your life, make a contribution.

If you want to see a better world where people are improving thanks to the Extreme Way of the Cross – make a contribution