Take up the challenge of the Extreme Way of the Cross!

For power is made perfect in weakness!

already on 3rd April 2020!

(most routes)

The Idea

Will you take up the challenge (and the opportunity)?

You can experience the Way of the Cross "traditionally" in church, comfortably sitting in a bench and listening to meditations. But you can also do it in a different – EXTREME way! And we would like to invite you to set off on such a Way of the Cross. There will be about 100,000 of us in 20 countries! Why don’t YOU set off on the Extreme Way of the Cross in 2018?

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The Challenge


What EWC participants have to do is clear:

walk over 40 km on a selected route, at night, in silence, counting only on their own strength. It may be a struggle with your weaknesses and yourself, but it’s also for yourself!

The challenge is there– take it up or not? You decide, be brave!

route of approx. 40 km

at night

in changing weather conditions

The Route


The second stage – you have taken up the challenge and covered the first metres or kilometres.

Nothing out of the ordinary, you walk, every now and then there’s another station, a short prayer - the text of meditations read in the light of the headlamp, if the weather’s good and you don’t get stuck in mud or get wet in puddles then everything is just fine, no big deal - just normal walking. Still a very long way to go...

Still a very long way to go...

route marked in EWC mobile app


you go by yourself or in a group of max. 10 people



It may start at any point of the route, there is no rule, it may go away or stay with you until the end - it will probably stay.

And that’s good, because struggle is the essence of EWC. It's the route beyond the comfort zone. You may experience it in many different ways: aching feet, no strength, cold rain on your face. When exhaustion and fatigue really set in, you then discover that faith gives the reason and strength to go on.

And here the "real spiritual exercise" begins, you can open up to deep meditation and prayer.

struggling with the hardship and weaknesses

looking for strength to transcend yourself

deep reflection and meditation

An encounter with HIM


That’s what EWC is all about. The rest doesn’t matter.

Silence, prayer, meditation, long night route, this is what it’s all about, there’s no other reason. Dublin, Chicago, Warsaw, Spitsbergen – the place and the size of the group are not important. The whole idea behind the Extreme Way of the Cross is an encounter with God.

"The Extreme Way of the Cross is a real spiritual exercise and you may be transformed as its aftermath..."

deep spiritual experience

emotions you have never experienced before

the MOST AWARE Way of the Cross in your life

Participants about EWC:

"Everyone has their own reasons, intentions and problems in mind, everyone has a reason to go."
"It is a challenge, the opportunity to experience the Way of the Cross in a different way than usual - physically." Having too much work meant I couldn’t go on an ordinary Way of the Cross in church, but this one is at night, so I found the time. "
"Wanting to prove yourself, identify with Christ. You don’t just take a birch cross, but also your own little crosses."
"This is an interesting experience, for some people it is a form of penance. It gave me time to rethink certain things, to meditate, to calm down. "
"It is not worth living a normal life, it is worth living an extreme life. Here, during the Extreme Way of the Cross, faith meets the will and emotions. This is a real exercise, you may be transformed as its aftermath. "
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EWC Standards


before the participants set off, they should attend the Holy Mass.


participants cover the route at night.


leaving your comfort zone, experiencing and overcoming your limitations.


The participants walk in silence.


getting away from the world for a while, concentration, making space for an encounter with God.

EWC meditations

going beyond your way of thinking, openness to inspiration for change.

TAKE THE RISK! Make the effort and experience

the Way of the Cross which may change your life!

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